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Hi friends.

9 Dec

I have been napping much too much to writes in my blog so I thought I would take a break from napping and say hi. I’m sorry friends that I haven’t posted in a while. With it being winter, I takes much more naps. My persons spend way too many hours at a place called work. It must be a pretty fun place if they go there so often…  So, while they do that, I sleep away and watch the house. My busy day is Monday. I can never blog on Monday. That is garbage day. Take it upon myself to speak to the garbage & recycling trucks every time they drive by. They need to know that it is important to not disturb my naps. That said I do enjoy Monday’s though… With it being the Howliday’s, there have been many more trucks delivering gifts to people. No trucks have come to our house yet… I am getting a bit concerned… I will be waiting when they arrive. I am hoping for a new dog bed this year and treats of various sorts, preferably knee bones… I recently got an early present. Check out my new bling…  Well, I am starting to yawn so I better get back to my naps. I will post soon. I’ve missed you friends.