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My birthday recap. No thanks to the Ducks.

7 Sep

Saturday was my birthday! I turned 6 years old. This was a big event for me. I woke up thinking I was getting a party, a cake, and a few presents. NO. I was wrong. Turns out on my special day some Ducks from Kristen’s school were playing their first football game. Ducks playing football!? Can you imagine?! I see Ducks at the park and all they ever do is swim in water and eat bread… How they put on clothing and throw a ball is beyond me… This is the biggest event of the year, much to my dismay, for my humans. They get on green and yellow clothing and have to drive really far to watch these Ducks. So, I was by my lonesome until the evening when they returned. They returned empty handed. No balloons. No cake. I’m still pouting about it.

On Sunday, I did receive a birthday gift and a special treat and a visit to one of my favorite stores, Salty’s Dog and Cat Shop. My human bought me a Bully stick. I had never had one before and it was pure deliciousness. So, when person Eric heard about my birthday treat he asked what part of the cow it was from exactly. Kristen looked it up and well… it’s a bull cow wiener. Now Eric thought this was the funniest thing in the whole world. He laughed and laughed.  I didn’t care. Bully sticks are awesome… I just wish they were from a different part of the cow…. It’s a little embarrassing.  I am too grouchy to post a photo but Kristen says she wants to put one up of me in my Duck shirt. I don’t want to wear the Duck shirt because it is a reminder how I spent my birthday alone while they watched some crazy birds throw a ball.


Free Range Pugs

1 Sep

Yesterday as I went for a my evening walk I saw a neighbor of mine, Jose. Jose is a pug too and he is the most unique pug I have ever met because his mom says he is a free range pug! Now, when Jose goes for walks he is not on a leash! Isn’t that the most absurd thing ever?!? Well, he stays close to his human all the time and is calm enough not to try and chase trucks like I would.  They walk all over the neighborhood and he gets to sniff plants on peoples lawns that my leash would never let me reach. I am quite jealous so I got my person to think about having me free range. Kristen said it would give her nightmares… I wouldn’t want that so I guess I will remain leashed.One pug can only wish.

In this photo, I was attempting being free range this weekend at the dog park. I am thinking of using it to start a profile for a dating site so I can find a girlfriend. What do you think? Do you have any tips on what I should say to attract all the ladies? I hope someone asks me on a date. I have never been on a date. I think my perfect pug date would be to a teriyaki place followed by a run in the big yard.