Happy now. Mad later.

11 Aug

This tagline pretty much sums up my puggy week thus far.

First off, I got a rad new knee chew bone over the weekend. It was super good and made me very happy. This was a new treat for me and I hope that my obvious enjoyment will result in regular gifts of this delectable treat. Perhaps I was a bit too happy in receiving the bone because in my eagerness to enjoy said bone, I have chewed it too small and now I’m mad because it’s going in the garbage because person Kristen is worried I will swallow it! This is upsetting… I must be more subtle in my eagerness to enjoy treats…

Also, I haven’t had to use my pug fan in a week. It’s been GREAT! Walks have been longer and I’ve been able to work on staying in shape. I distracted many fellow walkers with my good looks as I strutted by… By using world wide webbie, I have found out the temperatures will be in the 90’s later this week. Looks like I will be inside and bored. Maybe I will get a new chew bone out of it??? One pug can only hope…


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