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A stroll in the park…

30 Aug

Yesterday was a GREAT day! I knew something was going on when Kristen was cutting up carrots, then packing lunch, and finally loading a big bag with treats,  a camera, and a book. She told me we were going for a ride to a special park for classy dogs (like me, of course).

We rode in the car for a while and when we got to our final destination, Hazelia Field Dog Park, I was most pleased. This was the nicest dog park I had ever been to. True, it is only my second dog park visit, but Kristen researched and said this is the best one and I completely agree. This dog park was located near some farms which I liked. I was hoping to get to stroll in the corn field nearby but Kristen says I am allergic to corn… boohoo. So instead, we checked out both dog park areas, the general “big dog” area and then the special area for small, shy, and timid dogs.  I met a lot of new dogs but I think the nicest was a 15-year old Greyhound. He was VERY tall! He was skinny too but that’s because he told me he is a retiree. I guess he used to race on a race track! He said it was a very hard job and he is liking retired life with his adopted family much better. I guess when he was working he didn’t get to live with nice people and have treats and a backyard. He traveled and lived in a little box which was sad to hear about. I think he is the hardest worker I have ever met! Him and I both had in common that were adopted although we all know I was the exact opposite of him as racer as I was a professional couch potato. Unfortunately, no pugs were at the park.

I mostly hung out with Kristen while she read. I tried to sit on the park bench, which is not made for pugs so that didn’t work out… I am not a fan of  small dogs that talk too much about their beauty routines and hair styles so we headed to the general “big dog” area. Person Kristen learned real fast that it is not smart to bring lunch to the dog park for herself. She should have just given the sandwich to me, then we would have had no problem with other dogs sniffing her salami sandwich while she tried to eat. Luckily for me, my carrots were unharmed as most dogs don’t like them at the dog park. They were all about the human food…Kristen says we probably won’t be back for the dog park because all I do is greet the humans and stand by them.  I don’t really chat with the dogs and run around. Unless there are pugs involved of course then I strut with best of them!

After we left the park, I didn’t have to ride in my kennel so I kept my head out of the window and whiffed the fresh air. We ended our day at PetSmart (a store for smart animals of all kinds) to buy  hay for the Guin. He has been getting very demanding in his old age so she had to buy the biggest bag. Then we headed home  for a siesta then dinner. Then for dessert I had a Greenie that Kristen snuck by me at PetSmart. What a good day… Then I took another siesta until my pre-bedtime walk and then I slept soundly all night. All in all, a very pug day.


Happy now. Mad later.

11 Aug

This tagline pretty much sums up my puggy week thus far.

First off, I got a rad new knee chew bone over the weekend. It was super good and made me very happy. This was a new treat for me and I hope that my obvious enjoyment will result in regular gifts of this delectable treat. Perhaps I was a bit too happy in receiving the bone because in my eagerness to enjoy said bone, I have chewed it too small and now I’m mad because it’s going in the garbage because person Kristen is worried I will swallow it! This is upsetting… I must be more subtle in my eagerness to enjoy treats…

Also, I haven’t had to use my pug fan in a week. It’s been GREAT! Walks have been longer and I’ve been able to work on staying in shape. I distracted many fellow walkers with my good looks as I strutted by… By using world wide webbie, I have found out the temperatures will be in the 90’s later this week. Looks like I will be inside and bored. Maybe I will get a new chew bone out of it??? One pug can only hope…