The Big Yard

27 Jul

You may be wondering when I refer to the Big Yard what I am talking about… Well, the Big Yard is one of my favorite places. It’s where kids go to something called school. I think school is probably like my training class I went to. I was the top of my class and I got treats all morning long. It was well worth it. I bet kids love school…

Here is a picture of me from the last time I went to the Big Yard. I was resting after playing some basketball with my person Eric. He dunked right over me… I am not meant for sports like basketball. I like wrestling and other sports where it is good to low to the ground. Recently since losing all my pudge, I realized how fast I am. I love to sprint across the Big Yard. Sometimes a crowd of people will stop and watch me. Never thought I would be admired for athletic ability.


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