Out and about to new places

19 Jul

This weekend my schedule was full! Saturday, I went to an official dog park for the first time! I never knew such places existed! While the rowdy big dogs were busy chasing toys and sniffing each other, I was getting all the attention I could get from their people. These dogs have it all wrong! Why chase a ball when you can get some great ear scratches and pets? I made many new people friends and not a single dog friend but that’s okay with me!

Sunday, we had another busy day… I went to an event for the Pacific Pug Rescue. They like it when I make an appearance. They say I’m their famous 47 pound boy. Maybe someday they will think of me as something other than a former fatso. I met a few new pug friends and saw my foster mom. Pug events are one of my favorite activities.  Last year at events when I was up for adoption, I would be on display and everyone could see all my chubs and rolls. It was embarrassing to be next to the young and energetic pugs. Luckily, my person’s Kristen & Eric liked me anyway.

After we visited my pug friends I went to another new place. It was some sort of store that was big and orange called Home Depot! Many of the people inside wearing orange came up and petted me. I like Home Depot. The only downside is that they do not sell any food so I did not get any treats. I like stores that let pugs go inside.


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