July is not my favorite month at all…

15 Jul

This has been a rough month… From excessive fireworks hurting my little pug ears, to the excessive heat, to brawling with the Goldens, and feeling under the weathers. I do not like July. July is no fun for pugs. I have logged way too many hours in front of my pug fan…

First, it was the 4th of July. I do not like fireworks. I do not like them at all. For many nights I craved ear muffs. I am not a fun pug when the big booms go on and on. I bark, I run, I jump, I hide! Luckily, my people decided to stay home with me and they gave me some sort of special magic treat that makes me really tired… It was a very nice sleep… I don’t mind fireworks when I get the magic treats. We watched a movie and I ate popcorn crummies…

After the 4th of July came the hottest sun this pug has felt in a while… It was scorching my paws and I don’t like walking in the heat. My walks were minimal and my person and I avoided the sidewalks by walking on grass but I still did not feel like my pugself. My days were spent in front of the pug fan… I couldn’t go to the big yard or anywheres fun. No car rides either… Very depressing. Luckily, it cooled to more  puglike temperatures after a week but I still require my pug fan and daily naps in front of cold air box in the window.

We have had an interesting week at home… First, my Eric person has been gone from the time I eat breakfast to the time I go on my night time walk! What is that about? I gave him some pugitude because I do not appreciate him being gone so much. My Kristen person is great but she doesn’t play as rough or chase me like Eric person. My blogging too has been delayed as my little friend Feng Shui got bored on Sunday and chewed through the wire that hooks us to to the world wide web… He doesn’t have a blog so I am guessing he did it because he is jealous of me… I had to sneak down the block to the place with where my people go to get the books so I could write today.

Yesterday, I got to go to the office. I was very excited… So not long after we get there, we go to get some supplies in the room with all the people on phones… WELL, to my surprise, there were two Goldens down there. The one chick looked pretty friendly and sniffed me out. Her male friend though, he and I clashed. It was a tangle of this pug stud and one big golden chicken… I came out top dog of course. Rumor is that they will not be leaving for an entire month! No trips to the office for me… To top off my exciting day my tum tum was upset and I got sick… I think I’m just having a tough week. My Eric person is supposed to take me to the big yard today. We’ll see. He has been a little too absent lately and I have a sneaky plan to not let him sleep in this weekend like he likes… hehehehehe hahahahahah operation no snooze is under way soon!


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