My Forever Home. One Year Later.

27 Jun

This is a very special weekend. It was one year ago this week that my pugself was adopted!

This time last year, this pudgy pug never thought he would have his special home where he would receive love and the special pug time he craved… I am very happy to say that one year, and 16 pounds later I am the happiest pug on EARTH! I try to be the best pug I can be everyday so I can show my two favorite persons how happy I am to live with them. I think they know because on my special adoption anniversary I got extra cuddle time and a few more peanut butter bones than normal…

I never thought I would have two persons love me so much. They have taken me many places this year… from the beach, to camping near the big mountain, and Sunriver. I have gotten to see the whole wide world! Lucky puggy!

Where will next year take us? One thing I know is that wherever we go it will be with us together because we are the perfect pug pack!

I wouldn’t be anywhere without the group that helped me find my home, The Pacific Pug Rescue. They’re the great pug lovin’ people who help all pugs find forever homes. They take in big pugs, little pugs, baby pugs, sick pugs, and old pugs too. I can’t even think about where I would be if I didn’t get found by them… Better stop talking about that or this pug will get water eyes and snifflies.

Anyway, I better go now… my person says it’s time for dinner and that is one thing I can’t be late for…


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