Pug Fan

23 Jun

It is essential for any pug to have a designated Pug Fan, not one for all person’s living in the house but just for pug use. This is what keeps a cool and happy Puggy all summer long. Now that summer finally seems like it’s here, I insisted my person Eric bring up my fan. It is essential to use Pug Fan properly. It requires said pug to plop in front and let all the rolls hang out in order to properly cool. My person Kristen got a picture of me using my Pug Fan last year. I was pretty warm and with my big bod I got too hot just walking around the house! I don’t look too happy because I was just so BIG… You won’t see those pudgy pug rolls this year! Later, I’ll have my person post a new picture of me using my Pug Fan with the new bod…
I like not getting soggy on my walks. Summer makes pug life good even if I have to use my Pug Fan everyday!


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