A day at the office…

22 Jun

Yesterday after my person came home for lunch and  gave me my afternoon snack, she packed a bunch of carrots, some peanut butter, and my favorite bone… Something was up, either she was eating my treats or we were going somewhere in the car. Sure enough, it was an afternoon at the office for me! It’s probably one of my favorite places to go because every time I get treats and attention from everybody!

Usually, a day at the office consists of many people coming up to me and petting me… along with a walk or two near a big building that smells like cookies! My person says it’s a bakery… well I wish she worked at a bakery! Speaking of bakeries, she also said that a new DOG bakery is opening one block from home… I’m thinking they need a mascot and who better than me? I probably will be a regular there… But my person says to watch my diet. Diet, schmiet I say bring on the treats! Being a recovering fatso can be so tough!


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